GSM Lower School

General Information

The Lower School includes Kindergarten – Grade 4. Classes are taught in German and English, and Spanish language will be taught starting in Grade 3. We combine German and American Curricula, and align with International programs. The students are prepared to study in Germany, in the United States and all over the world. The German, Mathematics, Science and Art lessons are based on certified teaching materials from Schulexpert/Deutsche Fernschule. The lessons in English and Social Studies/Science are aligned with the common core standards.

The teaching methods during the lessons include:

  • independent student work
  • studying with a partner or within a group
  • project work, doing research
  • following a workshop model
  • following direct instructions given by the teacher

The students learn to develop their own plans and make independent decisions, while also following set instructions and completing specific assignments. They learn to work in different social forms, to adapt, be flexible and to achieve in various ways. Lessons focus on problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Students learn to read, write and express themselves using a wide vocabulary in both English and German.

We take care to focus on each child’s development, and strive to create a community of balanced, self-confident, tolerant, flexible and personable students who are prepared to face the challenges of life. We make a concerted effort to teach the students the joy and boundlessness of learning.

In addition to fostering inquiry and knowledge, we focus on developing each child’s social, interpersonal and communication skills, to help students express themselves confidently and considerately.

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum of the German School Manhattan is based on German Curricula, the Curricula of the New York State Department of Education.


  • Kindergarten


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  • Parent Involvement


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