Bilingual German-English education for preschool and elementary students

Empower your child with dual-language proficiency from the start

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GSM integrates the German and English curriculum seamlessly, providing a balanced 50/50 mixed model across various academic subjects.

Bilingual students at GSM undergo cognitive enhancement, fostering brain development in ways monolingual peers may not encounter. They also exhibit advanced flexibility in task-switching.

Students at German-American School Manhattan gain stronger critical thinking skills, demonstrating a higher aptitude for tackling complex problem-solving and mathematical challenges.

Bilingual students at German-American School Manhattan show a proven ability to resolve conflicts easier, higher empathy towards others and heightened capability to read social cues (verbal, non-verbal).

Bilingual students typically access expanded career opportunities, gaining a competitive edge in the global job market and achieving lasting career success.

By starting the bilingual journey early, students at GSM gain a solid foundation, facilitating smoother language acquisition.

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Why German-American School Manhattan?

Bilingual Instruction

Subjects taught in German and English by native speakers.

Child-centered curriculum

Individualized support to optimize each student’s academic experience.

Mixed Model Learning

Individual-, partner-, and group instruction & interactions.

Expert team

Experienced and highly-qualified teachers from all over the world.

Small class size

Dedicated teacher -student interaction in groups of maximum 20 students.

Joyful learning environment

Thoughtfully structured classroom that allows for play, learning, and exploration at once.

Premier Tribeca Location

Accessible school via most subway lines, ideal for all Manhattan neighborhoods.

After School care options

Expanded program, offering guided discovery with a different theme each day.

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German-American School Manhattan programs

GSM Kita & Kindergarten

  • Ages 3-5
  • 2 years of German immersion
  • US & German educational standards
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GSM Dual Immersion Elementary School

  • Grades 1-5
  • Strong Academic Foundation
  • German Curriculum and a Common Core curriculum
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    Preschool half day or 3 days/week:

    Tuition: $28,500/year
    Application fee: $200

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    Elementary Grades K-5:

    Tuition: $38,500/year
    Application fee: $200

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    Parent Testimonials

    GSM has allowed us to continue fostering native German language education for our three children, without sacrificing anything to do so. With a daughter in 1st grade and twins in Kindergarten, we couldn’t be happier with the comprehensive education they receive across Math, Science, Music, Social Studies, and even Ethics. The teachers are all outstanding, the staff is caring, considerate and professional, and the location can’t be beat. While walking hand in hand with my daughter last week, she looked up at me said: “Mommy, I LOVE my school!”. That said it all!

    — Kerri D.

    “I cannot explain how lucky we are to be able to send our children to GSM which opened just in time for my son’s Kindergarten intake. The school is a gift, the teachers amazing and, most importantly, my son literally runs to school every morning and cannot wait to start a new day.”

    — Chiara G.